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Passion and Innovation for the Apparel Industry. That’s Kottonhood!!

Our Garment Workers Are Paid Better Than The Competition

An efficient Kottonhood employee can avail of a handsome salary along with comprehensible health care facilities. Our products here at Kottonhood are created by fairly-paid employees who have an exemplary job allowing them to afford a satisfctory standard of living. Our culture recognizes outstanding performance and promotes from within. Moreover we work as a family here where each and every individual has the right to educate us with their innovative ideas.

We Make Our Own Product, Unlike Our Competitors

The Kottonhood factory has the largest sewing facility in South India. An amalgamation of our manufacturing, distribution and creative processes acts as a boost in achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted expensethan those who rely on offshore or onshore sub-contracting. We believe in maximum utilization of talent and resources. Perhaps by leveraging art, design, and technology at our Mumbai campus, we are able to pay garment workers fairly AND sell garments profitably so we can strengthen our business and expand. Everyone benefits - customers, workers, and shareholders alike.

Plus Point

A plus point that Kottonhood offers is that our quality is checked twice before sending any product to our client. We have our marketing & logistics department located in Mumbai, India, and our t-shirts are manufactured in Tamil Nadu.
Hence before sending any product, we do the quality inspection twice, once in Tamil Nadu and then at our Mumbai Office. Our products are packed and dispatched with extra care so that the product reaches the client as it is. Till date we do not have any complaints or issues. Cheers to our workforce!!

Others Will Follow The New Standard

There is a conspicuous overhead, capital investment and training involved in manufacturing in India, as some critics might point out. But as Kottonhood’s sales rise towards the billion-dollar mark over the next few years, we are confident we'll prove that vertical integration is a viable business model that can work even better than the status quo model of continuous outsourcing. It’s not just about made in India. More importantly, it is about designing a business that does not, at its rudimentary level, bargain with an incessant dependence on low cost labour to survive. With inevitable consequences of inflation worldwide, we believe our business model of vertical integration to be the path of least resistance. For the record, Kottonhood supports free and fair trade. We believe in doing business globally, allowing the company to export hundreds of millions of dollars of India-made apparel annually.

Commitment To The Environment

Kottonhood is also committed to sustainability to the environment. We've also set the precedent for ethical manufacturing in Tamil Nadu—the state with the strictest and most progressive EPA standards in the country. By concentrating our entire operation within a few square miles, Kottonhood has a smaller carbon footprint than our competitors. We ship the majority of our goods to our worldwide clients via excess space on passenger flights and busses, minimizing our environmental impact.

Investing Ahead

Manufacturing in India requires a lot of risk taking and long- term capital as well as time investment. We think it's well worth it. The apparel industry's reliance on low wages cannot be sustained over time, ethically or fiscally. As labor and transportation costs increase worldwide, exploitation will not only be morally offensive, it will not even be financially viable. For us, Indian manufacturing is not a trend - we've been doing it since long. We are extremely proud of our work, which provides thousands of good jobs both domestically and internationally.

The employees of Kottonhood thank you for your support.


Kottonhood is a realm of your own imaginations. We at Kottonhood, value your suggestions and welcome you to put forth your opinions in style. Kottonhood tees are completely bleeding free. Our defining characteristic is the distinctive soft texture.

"We define your attires with a tapestry of custom designed t-shirts."


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